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The Power of Storytelling

As human beings, we are hardwired to respond to stories. From the time we were children, we’ve been captivated by tales of adventure, romance, and mystery. And as we’ve grown older, that fascination with storytelling has only grown stronger. It’s why we love movies, TV shows, and books – they transport us to different worlds […]

5 things I couldn’t live without in a studio

We spend a lot of time moving between different studios here at 7 Stream Media, meaning we do a lot of setup and tear down and it is important to streamline kit as much as possible. Here are some of the things that I really couldn’t live without…  No1 a Stream Deck. If you’re working […]

6 top tips for planning a hybrid event

In my last blog, I explored the question of what is a hybrid event. In this blog I will go over our top tips for planning one…  1. Use your experience  Our first tip when thinking about a hybrid event, is to think about the hybrid experiences you’ve already attended, and how you felt participating in […]

So what is hybrid all about?

If the buzzwords from the last two years have been unprecedented and new normal, the phrase on everyone’s mind now is hybrid events. The very thought seems to strike fear into many businesses who’ve only just got used to online events after years of doing everything in-person. But we’ll let you into a secret – hybrid events are nothing new, we’ve actually […]

5 Future Trends in Video Production

Take a look at our thoughts on the 5 future trends in video production, from 2022 and beyond.   5 future trends in video production Virtual Sets Anyone who saw the BBC’s coverage of the 2021 Olympic Games will no doubt have seen and marvelled at the elaborate and expansive set. Here in the 7 […]

The magic of green-screen – understanding it, and when to use it

For months I’ve been pestering my wife to watch some classic films with me. I had great plans of introducing her to Back to the Future, but somehow, we accidentally found ourselves watching the original Mary Poppins – don’t ask me how. The last time I watched this I was probably about 8 years old. […]

How to choose music for your video

Incorporating music in any video can really add to the overall mood and set the scene when words or pictures aren’t enough to fully convey the meaning you want. Music can be a subtle part of any video or a fully expansive series of melodies that reflect different characters within your scene. There are so […]

What should I wear on camera?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “What should I wear on camera?”. Big productions have wardrobe departments to dress their stars, and professional presenters have the benefit of experience. But the majority of our clients are normal people – company directors, senior managers, doctors, professors and employees from a range of […]

Top 5 Tips – How to design a presentation slide for live streaming

PowerPoint, or any similar slide-creation software you use, can be a great visual aid to any presentation. But it can also be frustrating for the viewer if the presenter hasn’t thought through the slide layout carefully or has been a little liberal with the animations. Take that principle and transport it into the world of online streams and presentations, and […]

5 interesting locations we have filmed in

For a UK-based video, live streaming and events company, we have certainly got around… here is my pick of the most interesting locations we have filmed in… 1. San Francisco You might not think that filming in San Francisco is unusual, unless you are a UK-based company that had only ever worked in the UK… […]

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