The Rheumatology team wanted to create a series of two-minute films for each of the health care professionals presenting at their annual conference. The aim was for the presenter to summarise the key points covered in their session so that a global audience could access them within hours of the session taking place.

Each film was to be recorded at the event then edited, transcribed, approved and uploaded to Twitter within two hours. Additional presentations and live symposia also need to be recorded during the conference.


To create a working schedule and then action the filming of 25 films over three days. In addition to ensure that other filming commitments were met, transcripts were complete and approved.

The team also needed to ensure that the environment at the conference was suitable for recording and created backdrops to ensure professional consistency for all films. Suitable music was required to be sourced and photographs of all the presenters were also needed.


7 Stream Media exceeded the brief by delivering over 35 films and transcripts all within the twohour turnaround time or less.

Within two days of being uploaded to Twitter they received over 55,000 impressions. The Lilly team were delighted with the outcome – they have secured 7 Stream Media to cover BSR 2018 and are in discussions about the American Rheumatology conference in November 2017.


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