A children’s charity requested 7 Steam Media produce an emotive educational film for an auction that they were organising. The brief was to create a short film that would take the audience on an emotional journey to raise awareness of the disease and generate funding for research.


7 Steam Media knew they had to handle the creative and filming sensitively but that they also needed to create impact as the short film would only have a few minutes to capture the audience’s attention and to inspire them to make donations.

The team worked with young people who have the disease and their parents to create a short emotive film that would explain to the audience what it’s like to live with the disease and also how it feels to watch someone you love cope. The team built rapport with the children and their parents, involving them in discussions about the filming and building an understanding of how they wanted to proceed. They were keen to play an integral part in educating a wide audience about what they deal with daily but wanted to ensure the film had impact which the audience would remember and would make certain they’d donate.


The charity, the young people and their parents were delighted with the result. They felt that the team had handled the situation sensitively and had created a film with impact that was also respectful. As a result of this film being shown at the auction, the charity has raised over a quarter of a million pounds, to date and awareness of the disease has increased leading to a better understanding of its challenges.



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