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Our content-creation, content-delivery and editing services help you to connect with your customers. All expertly delivered by our team of specialists, using the latest technology. Ensuring you clearly and creatively explain what you offer. Why it’s different. Why it’s of value.

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Commercial and promotional films

If you are looking for a powerful, creative and innovative way to promote your company, its services or products then we can help. From concept to completion, or if you already have an idea or script we can work with you to turn it into a reality.

Webinars and Live Streaming

At 7 Stream Media we have developed considerable expertise in the management and delivery of live-streamed content for webinars, and customer, supplier, or staff communication events. Our broadcast-quality solution ensures that your webinar or event looks every bit as professional as you are and sets the right tone with your audience.

Remote Filming and Mobile Studio

People are less and less inclined to travel, so all of our studio-grade equipment is portable – we come to you. Or, if you don’t want your subjects to even have to leave their homes – we have a full remote solution. We send them all the kit they need and take care of all the filming.

Website Videos

Video is the best way to grab the attention of a casual browser and to communicate to them what you, as a business, are all about.

In-Person and Hybrid Events

7 Stream Media has the expertise to advise you. Whether you are looking for support for your in-person event with AV, staging and filming, or you want to know how to design your event for an online or hybrid audience.

Corporate Communications

7 Stream Media can help you successfully communicate with your company’s key stakeholders directly through the medium of video. Whether you want to put on a live broadcast event for your staff, or distribute a pre-recorded message to your suppliers.

Aerial Videography and Live Streaming

Sometimes it is difficult to communicate the scale or beauty of a subject from the ground. Using the latest drone technology and our CAA approved pilots, 7 Stream Media can take your video or live stream to the next level. 


Enhance your story. Animation has the power to make your content even more compelling. Bring complex concepts and products to life, demonstrate the inner workings of a piece of technology, draw the eye of your audience to key information and emphasise key points.

Flexibility – your project, your way

We love to get involved in the complete solution, from the development of concepts and scripting to delivery of a finished product. But we are also very happy to get involved at any stage, as part of a wider team. Our full range of services include:

  • Live Streaming
  • Video Production
  • Post-Production – Editing
  • Animation / Motion Graphics
  • Voice-Over
  • Aerial Filming
  • Event AV
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Transcription / Subtitles
  • Script Writing
  • Presenting / Presenter Training
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